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Rate this App is an online platform that lets you create engaging interactive content that you can show on your blog or website, as well as on work projects with dossiers and presentations, or even postcards and personalized posters.

This platform offers a lot of engaging and colorful resources that are organized in different categories, such as posters, presentations, resumes, postcards, and infographics. They all present a default layout, but you can start with your very own project from scratch, using a blank sheet. No matter which type of content you want to create, you can always use the same set of tools and add links to social networks, maps, questionnaires, videos, audios, and may other elements.

You can access all the tools you need from the side menu on the left: page, text, image, resources, content, pin, area, and adjustments. also stores all the content you add on the cloud, so you can stop working on your project halfway and then continue doing it on a different computer. is a great alternative if you need to create engaging presentations or infographics with customized content. You can resize all the elements you add, move them around, and delete them if you are not convinced. It also supports collaborative work, which means you and other people can simultaneously work on the same project, transforming the content together and building on new shared ideas.
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